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    Please take the time to sign up for my newsletter. I write a weekly letter to keep my constituents informed of events that happen in the 59th House of Delegates and across the State of Virginia. I hope to shed my personal insight on the latest news in politics, but what I enjoy most is the opportunity to include stories about my constituents. Please feel free to inform my office of any upcoming events or personal successes you would like to highlight. These can be emailed to


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    I believe you are our representative in Richmond. We live in Covesville in Albemarle County. We have never seen you even when you are running for re-election and only know you are when we see your name on the ballot How can you represent us when you don’t know where Covesville is? The Commonwealth definitely needs to be re-districted.

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    Delegate Matt Fariss

    Virginia House of Delegates 

    Fifty-Ninth District


    Richmond Office 

    Room 808 

    Phone: 804-698-1059

    Fax: 434-821-3580


    Aides: Cindy Blanks and Eric Harris


    District Office

    243-C Livestock Rd, Rustburg, Va, 24588

    Phone: 434-821-5929

    Cell Phone: 

    Fax: 434- 821-3580




Ann Tucker

Ann Tucker