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    Thank you for taking the time to visit my website to take my online survey. Please fill out the information below to qualify. I greatly  appreciate when my constituents take the time to call or write my office in regards to issues they deem important to our nation and Commonwealth. I find great value and insight in your comments, and use these opinions to help make an informed decision while at the Legislature. Please check this page frequently. My office will also send out a pre-session survey that will focus on issues that will becoming up in the legislature. I will also do survey's on major issues that seem to arise throughout the year. I will also include a petition page. Please feel free to submit to my office any idea you might have petitions or for survey questions.

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    On the Issues


    As a small businessman, Matt has long been a job producer in the local economy for years. As delegate, he will apply the same common sense principles that he has learned in the private sector. He has firsthand knowledge of how stifling government regulations inhibit job creation. While in Richmond, Matt will work tirelessly to remove government obstacles to economic growth and will strive to ensure that job producers are rewarded and welcomed in our commonwealth.


    Matt believes that there is no more sacred right guaranteed to our citizens than the right to life. Being raised with a mentally challenged uncle, Matt is all the more aware that ALL life is precious. In the House of Delegates, Matt has been a vigorous defender of the unborn. Throughout his time in office, Matt has supported and voted for any legislation that protects life. Recognizing also that the value of life must be first and foremost in our society.

    Taxes and Spending

    Matt understands that there is nothing that strangles economic development like excessive taxation. He is a firm believer that the commonwealth taxes too heavily and spends too wastefully. As delegate, "he will cut the fat" from Virginia's budget and fight against tax increases. Matt will be an ardent spokesman for Virginia's families and businesses that are over-taxed while also fighting to ensure that tax dollars are spent in the most effective manner.

    Second Amendment

    The right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed in the Constitution, and Matt, a long time NRA member, will fight to defend that right. Hunting and gun ownership is an important cultural tradition in central Virginia, and Matt will fight to make sure that no government action will infringe upon that right.


    Virginia's greatest natural resource is our children. As delegate, Matt will work to ensure that our education funds go directly to the classroom to teach the youth of our commonwealth. He believes that the best decision makers in the education system are parents and elected local leaders, and he will fight to remove excessive government intrusion where dollars are kept and decisions are made by distant bureaucrats. Matt understands that the community's ability to educate its children adequately is essential to a community's prosperity and future. As delegate, Matt will be a strong voice for our children, their education, and the future of Virginia and its communities.

    Property Rights

     A crucial element of right to the pursuit of happiness so eloquently espoused by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, is the right to property. Matt understands this fact and there will be no more ardent defender of property rights in the House of Delegates. He understands the challenges and frustrations that come when government attempts to regulate how property owners utilize their property, and he will work to remove power from regulating bureaucracies and return it back to the people and their elected representatives. Matt will fight against legislation that restricts the rights of property owners.

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    Watkins Abbitt, Jr., Delegate 

    Matt is honored to have the support of Watkins Abbitt, Jr. who has also agreed to be Matt's Campaign Treasurer. "Watt" has long served this district well, and Matt hopes to be able to continue on the retiring delegate's legacy of service. Fariss declared, "it is humbling to have the Watt's support, and I look forward to having his support through this campaign and beyond. His sterling reputation is well deserved, and I am grateful that he considers me worthy to follow in his footsteps."



    Kathy Byron, Delegate

    Kathy Byron, Matt's Delegate for several years, played a crucial role in encouraging Matt to run. She and Matt have worked together before on various business and agricultural issues, and Matt is humbled to have her support in his campaign. "I am grateful for Kathy's support, and I hope to work with her as a colleague in Richmond as we fight for the values and economic needs of rural Virginia together."



    Terry Gaddy, Sheriff

    The popular outgoing Campbell County Sheriff is an ardent supporter of the campaign and declared that Matt is "strong leader in the business community, and possesses the business savvy and common sense that we need to represent our district." Gaddy continued by saying he believed Matt would be a "powerful voice for rural Virginia and the values that make this such a special place. I proudly support Matt Fariss for Delegate for the 59th District." Matt said that Gaddy's "steadfast commitment to the security and welfare of Campbell County will long be remembered by each and every citizen that were kept safe on his watch," however, he is humbled by the Sheriff's support and looks forward to continuing to work with the brave men and women at the Campbell County Sheriff's Office.



    Steve Newman, Senator

    We are pleased to have received the endorsement of Senator Steve Newman. Matt is honored to have the full support of such an outstanding public servant with strong conservative credentials. Newman cited Fariss' "dedication to his family, his values and his principles" as reasons for support and also believes Matt will "work hard to put Virginians back to work." Newman believes that "Matt will support job creating legislation, vote to hold the line on taxes, and support our social values. He (Matt) understands and supports the sanctity of human life and marriage." Matt is grateful for Senator Newman's support, and he is certainly eager to have the opportunity to work with Senator Newman and others to move our state in the right direction. "I understand how important it is to have strong conservative counterparts in the Senate, and I am honored to have a friend and ally in Senator Newman," Fariss said.


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    Thank you for stopping by my website. This page will allow you to sign up for our website membership, and by taking the time to sign up for a Membership to this website you can gain access to our district survey. Please take a moment to fill this out this survey. I would also encourage you to sign up for our weekly newsletter. I try to make it informative; sharing stories from across the Commonwealth and the 59th District. I would also encourage you to volunteer with my office. It is a great way to learn about our Government and the election process. Therefore, I hope to see you involved and on the campaign trail. 

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Eric Harris

Eric Harris