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    I am contacting you in regards to our current law on how many passengers are allowed until a CDL/Passenger endorsement is needed.

    I, Stephen DeSimone, the father of a soon to be family of 16 and growing. With that in mind, my wife and I would be required to obtain a CDL license with a passenger endorsement just to drive our family around on a daily basis! I agree with the law for commercial use but not for private use. I currently have a Class A CDL but with no endorsements. My wife would have to go through the entire (Federal Regulated) process including a federal regulated D.O.T. physical every two years which our family will have to fund. My oldest, whom is 14, wouldn’t be able to drive the family around until 18 years of age and required a CDL and D.O.T. regulations. Then it trickles down to the other childen as they become of age.
    I feel that this is not just to the people of Virginia, discriminates against larger families, forces us to fall under commercial laws and regulations such as ; Operating Authorization from DMV, Insurance, Taxes (For Example IFTA), DMV, Weigh Stations, D.O.T. inspections, ect… ect…
    Please advise me if I am exempt from this ludacris set of laws.

    I look forward to seeing this issue addressed A.S.A.P.!!! In the meantime, I have also contacted the White House, regarding the federal stance for travelling out of state. I look forward to your feedback and I’ll tell you that I am not going to stop pushing the issue.

    Please refer to the “Exempt Passenger Carrier Operations” which is an attack against my God fearing family!

    Deo Vindice,

    Stephen DeSimone

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    Q: Virginia is home to more than 780,000 veterans who have served our country. It is important that we support these veterans and their families. Listed below are some of the most important veteran initiatives that the General Assembly will consider this year. Which is the most important you believe should be addressed by the General Assembly.
    A: Veterans’ education and job training

Stephen DeSimone

Stephen DeSimone