Danny Cyrus

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    You are a worthless peice of crap! Lieing , fat bastered! It’s been two months since you canceled our SECOND SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT ! You can’t even give me a 5 min, phone call? Just like you were voted in, you can be voted out. No more free money for you!

    Contact Us

    Delegate Matt Fariss

    Virginia House of Delegates 

    Fifty-Ninth District


    Richmond Office 

    Room 808 

    Phone: 804-698-1059

    Fax: 434-821-3580

    Email: [email protected]

    Aides: Cindy Blanks and Eric Harris


    District Office

    243-C Livestock Rd, Rustburg, Va, 24588

    Phone: 434-821-5929

    Cell Phone: 

    Fax: 434- 821-3580

    Email: [email protected]



Danny Cyrus

Danny Cyrus