Don’t Run Me Over

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    Q: Other states have adopted legislation creating “Parental Education Savings Accounts.” These optional accounts allow parents to use a portion of their child’s share of state funding for educational purposes, including tuition at a private or charter school, hire a tutor, enroll their child in online classes, or save for college. Would you support or oppose the creation of Parental Education Savings Accounts in Virginia?
    A: Oppose

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    Thank you for taking the time to visit my website to take my online survey. Please fill out the information below to qualify. I greatly  appreciate when my constituents take the time to call or write my office in regards to issues they deem important to our nation and Commonwealth. I find great value and insight in your comments, and use these opinions to help make an informed decision while at the Legislature. Please check this page frequently. My office will also send out a pre-session survey that will focus on issues that will becoming up in the legislature. I will also do survey's on major issues that seem to arise throughout the year. I will also include a petition page. Please feel free to submit to my office any idea you might have petitions or for survey questions.

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Don’t Run Me Over

Don’t Run Me Over