Newsletter: March 16th

Congratulations to the Altavista Colonels on yet another state championship! I am proud to hear that the Varsity Men’s basketball team won their third consecutive state championship. It was exciting to read about their travels to Richmond for the state tournament. I am relieved that Meche Maulbeck hit the winning shot to down Galax with 35- 33. The Colonels then proceeded to overcome Honaker with a score of 57-44. It is my understanding that Altavista is one of ten schools in the state to have won three consecutive tournaments. I would also like to congratulate Coach Mike Cartolaro on his fourth title and 500th win during his career.   

The Virginia Legislature recently convened its 2015 session. Here are a couple bills that I would like to highlight. I find them of particular importance to the Commonwealth.

The Virginia Legislature carried a bill in 2013 that will have a tremendous impact on the obtaining of records in the Commonwealth. Senator Newman’s bill will allow a citizen to obtain records such as a birth certificate from a local DMV, and did so by creating a partnership between the DMV and the Office of Vital Records. Prior to this agreement one would have to travel all the way to Richmond to visit the Office of Vital Records to make this request. This year the Legislature followed up on this idea by passing SB 1411. This bill allows the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court to enter into an agreement with the Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles for the collection of court fines, costs, forfeitures, and penalties and court-ordered restitution at DMV customer service centers.

It is with a heavy heart that I have learned of the financial troubles surrounding Sweet Briar College. I know this college is woven into the very fabric of our Commonwealth, and that many great Virginians have graduated from this institution. I am heartened to see that the Alumnae are working to save the college. It has been brought to my family’s attention that Saving Sweet Briar Inc. has been formed as a nonprofit, and that pledges can be made at I believe there have already been 2.7 million in pledges, and I would encourage you to donate. I pray for a favorable resolution to this obstacle to Sweet Briar, and I ask that you pray for the students who currently attend college at the institution.

It looks like winter may finally be behind us, but the warmer spring temperatures have also heralded the start of "pothole season." Because we had a very wet winter of heavy snow and rain, along with several freeze-thaw cycles, you may notice a lot of potholes in the roads. Potholes occur when the pavement is weakened by moisture seeping into the pavement, freezing, expanding and then thawing. Traffic driving over the roads loosens the pavement further, and it eventually crumbles, causing a pothole. If you see a pothole you may report the problem to VDOT online,, or by calling 1-800-FOR-ROAD (1-800-367-7623). VDOT will investigate each report and will schedule repairs as soon as possible.

Over the next couple of weeks I will continue to detail the variety of bills that the General Assembly passed during the 2015 session. 

Additional information about any legislation in the presented in the commonwealth, can be found at This website is a great resource to the public, and allows for Citizens to easily track and navigate a legislative session. Please contact my office for any help or tips in using this website.

If you have any concerns, questions, comments or issues that I or my Aide, Eric, can help you with, please contact us at 804-698-1059 or email at [email protected].

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